Feature Friday: Croghan Colonial Bank

Feature Friday: Croghan Colonial Bank
August 03, 2021

Happy Feature Friday, where every Friday the Chamber team will highlight one of our fantastic members by repping them for the day and telling the community more about them.  This week's Feature Friday is: Croghan Colonial Bank!

About Croghan Colonial Bank:

Croghan Colonial Bank was founded by Augustus E. rice and J.W. Pero on July 25, 1888.  Croghan Colonial Bank is names for Colonel George Croghan, who was 21 years of age when he lead troops through the Battle of Fort Stephenson on August 2, 1813.  Croghan had only 160 men with just one piece of artillery.  By shifting the position of the one cannon from place to place, Croghan made his enemy believe that his troops were well-armed.  The British stormed the fort with 500 Red Coats and 800 Indians, but after the battle the British loss of dead and wounded was about 120 while Colonel Croghan lost only eight men. To admire his courage and leadership, Croghan Colonial Bank was named after Colonel George Croghan.

Croghan Colonial Bank is proud to serve Tiffin, OH with its two locations in the city.  You can stop in a Croghan Colonial Bank at either 48 E Market St or 796 W Market St.  At Croghan, they understand where you are coming from.  They believe in honesty, hard work, and a strong commitment to family.  At Croghan, you can think of them as family because that is exactly how they see every customer who walks through their doors.  Like family, they are there to listen and guide.  They are excited to hear what is important to you today, as well as what your dreams are for tomorrow.          

You can learn more about Croghan Colonial Bank and their services on their website at: https://www.croghan.com/.

We thank Croghan Colonial Bank for being a dedicated chamber member and for the services you provide the community! Stop in today! 

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