Leadership Seneca County's January Class

Leadership Seneca County's January Class
January 14, 2022

Leadership Seneca County's Class of 2022 met on Wednesday January 11, 2022 at the Seneca County Opportunity Center.  This was the first class of the new year for the group and the class was focused on time management, delegation, procrastination, and putting yourself first while being a leader.   Each student was able to complete activities that demonstrated the importance of time management to help achieve personal and professional goals.  The students were able to participate in a hands-on activity with Rodney Biggert, Director of Adult Services at the Seneca County Opportunity Center. Rodney incorporated his magician skills into a lesson about putting yourself first. This presentation demonstrated the importance of coping with stress so you can live a life filled with happiness.

The class included a tour of the current Opportunity Park which sits behind the Seneca County Opportunity Center, which was meant to provide some visual aid in the class's group project.  After the tour, there was a panel discussion about education in Seneca County with a panel composed of Laura Kagy, Seneca East Schools, Lew Hurst, Seneca County Opportunity Center, and Jeremy Marinis, Calvert Catholic Schools. They each shared insight on what their school brings to the community.   They discussed the large number of opportunities our county is able to provide due to the amount of support they all give each other. This presentation provided perception onto the strong pillars of what make Seneca County what it is.  To end the class, the students discussed and finalized what their group project will be.  Groups were formed and tasks were assigned to be completed before the February class meeting. 

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