Feature Friday: Tiffin Glass Museum and Shoppe

Feature Friday: Tiffin Glass Museum and Shoppe
June 17, 2022

Happy Feature Friday, where every Friday the Chamber team will highlight one of our fantastic members by repping them for the day and telling the community more about them. This week's Feature Friday is: Tiffin Glass Museum and Shoppe!

The Tiffin Glass Museum honors the heritage that has been established by both the men and women of Tiffin’s “Glass House.” The Museum safeguards glassware made by the artisans from the factory’s nearly hundred-year history. In 1998, a new era in the preservation of Tiffin Glass began with the opening of the museum and is the culmination of preservation efforts by the members of the Tiffin Glass Collectors Club.

The Tiffin Glass Museum displays over 1,000 pieces of Tiffin Glass and have the pieces arranged chronologically with examples of the glassware produced at the Tiffin factory from its beginning in 1889 when it was known as the A.J. Beatty & Sons Company until the end of production in 1980 when it was the Tiffin Glass Company. In addition to their display of glassware and memorabilia items from the old factory, the retail shop side offers Tiffin glass and other fine glassware for sale.

This weekend, The Tiffin Glass Collectors Club will host the 35th Annual Artistry in American Glass Show and Sale!

The show will take place at the Tiffin Middle School (103 Shepherd Drive, Tiffin, OH 44883) on Saturday, June 18, 2022 from 10AM to 5PM and Sunday, June 19, 2022 from 10AM to 3PM. The popular glass show has been a longstanding tradition for 35 years and this will be the first show since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, which resulted in the last two years being cancelled. Glass dealers from several states will join local and area dealers at this popular glass show that attracts collectors from all over the United States. Learn more about the show here

Admission to the show will be $5.00. The show is in a handicapped accessible facility with free parking. Lunch and snacks are available for purchase and door prizes will be awarded throughout the show. Visitors are encouraged to visit the Tiffin Glass Museum & Shoppe where they will have extended hours of 11AM to 5PM during the weekend.

You can find Tiffin Glass Museum and Shoppe at 27 S Washington Street Tiffin, OH 44883 and you can reach them at 419-448-0200. Learn more about Tiffin Glass Museum and Shoppe at www.tiffinglass.org.

We love having this beautiful and historic Chamber member in our community! 

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