Chamber Adds Prescription Savings Program

Chamber Adds Prescription Savings Program
June 23, 2022

The Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that they have recently added a prescription savings program to their member benefits package. This free prescription assistance program is available to all of their members, their families, and their employees. The program aims to make prescription medications more affordable for the uninsured and underinsured and can be used for savings of up to 80 percent on non-covered prescription medications at more than 68,000 pharmacies nationwide.


The program discounts both brand and generic prescription medications for those individuals without prescription coverage. Additionally, individuals who have prescription drug coverage may still qualify and receive discounts on medications not covered by their insurance plan. There’s no application to complete, no membership restrictions, no income requirements, and no age limitations. The Chamber encourages you to let your employees know about this program and to print, text or save a free card. To download a free card, click here.

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