Feature Friday: Hempy Water

Feature Friday: Hempy Water
June 24, 2022

Happy Feature Friday, where every Friday the Chamber team will highlight one of our fantastic members by repping them for the day and telling the community more about them. This week's Feature Friday is: Hempy Water!

Hempy Water has been in business since 1952 when Earl C. Hempy opened a water treatment business in the back of his home in Forest, Ohio. Years later, Paul and Ruth Stanley made it their life’s work to grow the business into a corporation that now serves 40 counties across the state. Today, Hempy Water continues to offer unsurpassed service, expanding beyond basic water softeners and water conditioners to state of the art water refiners, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, carbon filtration, de-chlorination, ozone applications and water purifiers for both residential and commercial usage.  

Standing behind everything they do, Hempy Water Conditioning’s highly skilled, factory trained water service specialists are some of the best in Ohio. They will treat your home with the utmost respect and care. Their service and delivery department is unmatched in its professionalism and efficiency. Their field water service specialists have both the knowledge and experience to accurately diagnose your problem and repair it quickly. Hempy Water Conditioning is a registered, insured and bonded contractor with a singular mission: offer the best technology and service at fair prices. In addition to their great customer service, they also offer the highest qualities of products. Hempy Water selects EcoWater products as their brand of choice because of their scientific approach to better water. With a legacy exceeding 80 years, built on best in class technological innovation, EcoWater continues to set the “gold” standard for the industry as a whole. As the world’s largest manufacturer of residential water treatment systems, EcoWater’s expertise and products for improving the quality of water are second to none. 

At Hempy Water, they pride themselves in being embedded in their surrounding communities. They do this through sponsoring events, donating bottled water, and attending local gatherings. They are actively involved in county fairs, local livestock shows, charity events, and much more. Hempy Water operates on traditional values, making their customers feel as if they were members of the family. At the end of the day, Hempy Water finds their community support as one of the most important things their business does. 

Throughout the last half century, Hempy Water has continued to adhere to their values that were established in 1952 of quality, integrity, and commitment. You can find Hempy Water located at 227 S Washington Street Tiffin, OH 44883 and you can reach them at 419-448-8885. Learn more about Hempy Water at hempywater.com.

Thank you Hempy Water for being an asset to our community for being a proud Platinum Chamber Sponsor!

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