Art Box

Art Box
August 12, 2022

On August 11, 2022, The Poignon Project released their latest project with the Community Art Shed and introducing the “Art Box”. The first Art Box is located inside The Poignon Project and allows artists to place a piece of artwork in the box and take another artist’s work in exchange.  “This is a great way for artists to share their artwork and to start collecting others artwork.” -Ryan Poignon 

This first box was designed and painted by Artist Hudson Poignon. The purpose of the Art Box is to expand the Community Art Shed concept by Supplying and nurturing our creative community. 

Our goal is to have various locations inside downtown businesses with each box being a different art theme like (Book exchange, Record exchange, Poem exchange, Art exchange, etc.) A special Map will be made available after locations are established and will describe each Art box and business location. Currently we have 2 businesses signed up for Art Box’s Washington Street Outfitters & 22 MKT.

The Art Box is made from an old newspaper vending machine.  The Advertiser Tribune has donated 10 newspaper vending machines for this project. “This is a perfect way to recycle these old machines and give them a new life” -Ryan Poignon. 

Businesses interested in hosting one of the Art Boxes please contact The Poignon Project today to reserve your Art Box. The reservation deadline is September 1st call 419-618-6429.

Since 2021 the Community Art Shed has helped thousands of artists get the supplies, they need to create their next art project. On average 5-10 artists visit the art shed daily. This past year we have helped 1,825 - 3,650 artists providing free access to essential art supplies. This would not be possible without help from the community donating new and lightly used Art supplies to fill the art shed. This past year the art shed has received more than $5200 in new and used Art supplies from the community. 

The Community Art Shed is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm and located in front of The Poignon Project. 

Our mission is to help provide the essential supplies and tools for aspiring artists of all ages in our community. Through the community art shed artists are able to take what supplies they need for their next art project at no cost. Our goal is to give all artists the opportunity to freely create their ideas into reality.

The Poignon Project is located at 227 E Perry St. Tiffin, Ohio.

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