Dress, Right, Dress Opens Tiffin Office

Dress, Right, Dress Opens Tiffin Office
November 16, 2022

Congratulations to Dress, Right Dress on their new Tiffin office located at 643 Miami Street, Suite 4!

Dress, Right, Dress Inc. was founded in 2015, and later gained 501(c)(3) status in June of 2019. Their motto is "aligning Veterans for a better tomorrow"; while their mission is "widening the gap between service and incarceration." The organization was built by Veterans for Veterans, and offers a variety of programs, services, and activities that allow for peer-support, mentoring, and camaraderie.

Some of the programs they offer include Justice Involved Veterans and Mentors and Transitioning Service Members. Justice Involved Veterans and Mentors purpose is to assist veterans who have found themselves in the criminal justice system by helping them find housing, resources and teaching them social skills. Transitioning Service Members is intended to assist veterans in transitioning from military life into civilian life while helping them find resources in the area where they are returning home.

Dress, Right, Dress also offers many social activities, such as digital coffee socials, golf outings, and parties.

Dress, Right, Dress Inc. assists Service-Members and Veterans of the United States Armed Forces during tough times associated with transitional hardships. Dress, Right, Dress now has three offices in Ohio that allow them to provide services throughout the entire state. Their corporate headquarters is located in Kingston, with additional offices in Eastlake and now Tiffin.

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