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Our Mission

The Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce exists to enable community businesses and organizations in enhancing their success, serve as a source of information, and advocate for members and economic growth in the area through our four main points of education, promotion, relationships, and resources and savings. 


Our Purpose

The purpose of the Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce is to be the trusted resource for Seneca County businesses and businesses in the surrounding areas. We strive to provide opportunities for our members to be their best selves and to reach their highest level of success. The Chamber looks to connect the best services to the community, by the best in our community. The Chamber gives back whenever possible and believes in being one piece of the puzzle that makes Seneca County what it is.

By The Numbers

Our members come from all different industries and come in all shapes and sizes. No matter what, we strive to serve every member to the best of our ability and exceed expectations. Ready to become part of the Chamber network? Learn more about how to join.

Listening to our members is one of our most powerful tools and the biggest key to our success. We asked, and members' voices were heard. We are consistently soliciting feedback through our face to face interactions, our member check ins, and our annual membership survey.


Standing The Test of Time

The Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce was incorporated in 1914 and has been serving the community since. As time passes, the Chamber continues to innovate, adapt, and think outside the box to ensure the best service possible. We have seen monumental growth over the last year and don't plan to slow down!

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