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The Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce's Love Local campaign was inspired from American Express's Annual Small Business Saturday. We recognize that supporting local is much more than simply shopping and is something that needs to extend much further than just one day. We encourage people to love local always, with the specific campaign running November 1 through the end of the year. This timeline was chosen because of the heavy spending that happens around the holidays. Loving Local is vital to not only our business community, but our community as a whole and makes Seneca County the best place to live, work, and play!

 The campaign will include Chamber member features through photos, videos, and social sharing. You can be part of the Love Local movement not only during he campaign, but in the choices you make everyday, all year long!

The Love Local campaign focuses heavily on educating people on WHY they should love local vs. not. Our four pillars of WHYs include...

Why Love Local?

  • When you buy local, more money stays in the community.
  • For every $100 spent locally, $67 will stay in the local economy. For every $100 spent at a non-locally owned business, $43 stays in the local economy.
  • Money has a higher velocity. Meaning it moves quicker through the local economy, touches more hands, and more people have had the benefit of that money and what it has purchased for them.
  • Data shows that local retailers return 52 percent of their revenue back into the local economy, compared to just 14 percent for national chain retailers.
  • Local businesses are usually not making a huge profit on their goods or services, but that is because more money is going to input costs. Examples include paying employees well, upkeep of building or location, marketing, etc. which is again more money put back into the economy and circulating.

Where you spend your money MATTERS. Spend where it matters most and put your money where your heart is!


The 2022 campaign saw great success and we look forward to an even bigger and better 2023 campaign! Thank you to all who supported, shared, and promoted the efforts of the Love Local campaign and to everyone who supported our local businesses not only during the busy season, but all year long.

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