Destination Seneca County

The Seneca Regional Chamber team is proud to not only run the Chamber, but also the Visitor's Bureau for Seneca County, Destination Seneca County.


Say Hello to Destination Seneca County

Our Mission

Destination Seneca County exists to serve visitors of Seneca County and local residents in getting connected to attractions, events, and unique opportunities within Seneca County to create impactful experiences while also assisting local businesses in benefiting from tourism through innovative marketing, increased awareness, and out-of-the box ideas. 


Our Purpose

The purpose of Destination Seneca County is to serve YOU! We work everyday to ensure that Seneca County is a destination on everyone's list to see. We aim to attract visitors and create meaningful, one-of-a-kind experiences. We want to make sure you come back with wanting to see more. We are the one stop shop for the community for being in the know with events and things to do. We serve as a support system for local businesses and attractions to help you achieve your goals. Whoever you may be, we are here for you. 


Start Your Adventure

Check out Destination Seneca County to learn more about what we do, services we offer, and more. Our goal is to put Seneca County on the map and truly make it a destination for visitors and those passing through. We also aim to actively involve and engage the residents of Seneca County to explore their own backyard and all that it has to offer. Your next adventure begins here, in Seneca County. Get started! 

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