Walkable Wonders: Bailiwicks Coffee Company

Walkable Wonders:  Bailiwicks Coffee Company
June 21, 2022

Join Marketing intern and recent ’Berg alum Em Swain, ’22, as they visit local businesses only a short walk away from Heidelberg University’s campus. It's Walkable Wonders, our summer web series!

To everyone traveling to return to Tiffin this weekend, and to those who support Heidelberg from just around the corner, happy Alumni Weekend! In honor of the weekend, I wanted to visit two nearby favorites for current students and alumni. 

Bailiwicks Coffee Company is a frequent supporter of Heidelberg University and student groups from Heidelberg. They have been the object of many “Discover Days” hosted by the Berg Event Council, where students are able to make a purchase of up to $5 on BEC’s dime. 

Simply Susan’s is one of my family’s favorite stores whenever they come to visit (usually for Downtown Tiffin’s annual Chocolate Walk.) I think Simply Susan’s is a great place to buy gifts for people my age. They have candy, number one; and number two, they sell cutesy things for anyone to enjoy.

Bailiwicks Coffee Company

Bailiwicks Coffee Company is owned and operated by Jessica Wirth. Bailiwicks is a frequent employer of ’Berg students, and a general hotspot for community members – I’m not sure I’ve ever been through the doors without running into a member of the Berg family! Bailiwicks roasts their coffee beans in-house, so they can provide you with a hot cup and attention to detail. 

One of my favorite things about Bailiwicks is their monthly specials. They create a seasonal theme that inspires new recipes with clever names. This month, being Pride Month, their flavors are named after colorful creatures, in “Roy G. Biv” order. I tried the “Yellow Warbler” and finished it before I got halfway back to campus. When I returned to get the picture (which features Cas Gooding and Beth Mattia, who has often helped the Berg theatre program) I tried the “Blue Heeler” – which I finished before actually snapping the photo. Maybe I’m a little coffee-crazy – but I think they’re just that good!

Bailiwicks frequently offers unique flavors of lattes that students enjoy. Even for those students who haven’t gotten a taste for coffee yet, Bailiwicks offers steamers – lattes without the espresso. Now there’s no excuse when your chronically uncaffeinated friend hesitates to leave their dorm: Bailiwicks has something for everyone!
Bailiwicks Coffee Company is located a 10-minutes walk from the center of Heidelberg’s campus, at the corner of East Perry Street and South Washington Street. For more information on Bailiwicks, check out their website.

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