Feature Friday: H & E Janitorial

Feature Friday: H & E Janitorial
May 19, 2023

Happy Feature Friday, where every Friday the Chamber team will highlight one of our fantastic members by repping them for the day and telling the community more about them. This week's Feature Friday is: H & E Janitorial!

H & E Janitorial is a leading provider of advanced commercial cleaning and disinfecting solutions in Northwest Ohio. Their expertise in commercial cleaning, carpet and floor cleaning, disinfection services, and ceiling tile cleaning has earned them a reputation for delivering customized solutions that meet the unique needs of each client's facility. With a commitment to quality and focus on customer satisfaction, H & E Janitorial is the ideal choice for businesses looking to maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment. H & E Janitorial provides comprehensive contract cleaning services to keep your building looking its best. Their services include daily, weekly, and bi-weekly cleaning options with one set price per month that includes labor, materials, equipment, supervision, and oversite. Whether you need cleaning for a non-profit building, commercial office, corporate office, or event center, they have the commercial cleaning expertise to deliver the results you need. 

H & E Janitorial was established in 2020 by husband and wife duo, Alexandra and Joshua Kinney. They bring a wealth of experience in professional cleaning services, floor care, and disinfection. The need for a reliable cleaning service in Northwest Ohio prompted the creation of H & E Janitorial. Their vision is to provide a service to help you develop a comprehensive disinfection, janitorial, and professional cleaning experience. This vision is accomplished through a wide range of training, investment in new technology, and helping you find the correct equipment, products, and chemicals needed to complete the job! The focus on providing exceptional service and strategic cleaning businesses throughout the region. 

As a local company, they have the ability to make informed decisions and develop the most efficient plan for your facility. H & E Janitorial is aware of the constantly evolving requirement of their clients and understand the significance of safety and security of their buildings. They currently support local businesses and organizations such as: Fostoria Learning Center, Wood County Humane Society, The Ritz Theatre, Tiffin Community Non-Food Pantry, First Step, just to name a few. 

H & E Janitorial is headquartered in Arcadia, OH and they serve throughout Northwest Ohio. Reach out to them for a quote and to discuss your needs and how they can help via phone at: 419-618-3197 or learn more at handejanitorial.com. We are so fortunate to have such dedicated members of the Chamber like H & E Janitorial and are proud of the work they do for their clients! 

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