Featured Friday: Seneca-Crawford Area Transportation

Featured Friday: Seneca-Crawford Area Transportation
July 21, 2023

Happy Feature Friday, where every Friday the Chamber team will highlight one of our fantastic members by repping them for the day and telling the community more about them. This week's Feature Friday is: Seneca-Crawford Area Transportation (SCAT)!

Seneca-Crawford Area Transportation (SCAT) is a not-for-profit charitable organization that provides public transportation throughout Seneca and Crawford counties. Their mission is to serve the public by providing a safe, reliable, affordable, accessible and efficient transportation system. Over the past three years SCAT has provided more than 260,770 trips, traveled more than 1.4 million miles, and drivers have logged more than 93,700 hours of drive time.  

SCAT provides planned transportation, offering curb-to-curb service with driver assistance, if necessary. Passengers using wheelchairs or scooters will be secured with a four-point tie-down and use the seatbelts provided for the securement system. SCAT drivers are professionally trained and are pleased to assist riders on and off the bus using wheelchair lifts. In addition to their planned transportation where passengers can call ahead to schedule a ride to get where they need to go, SCAT now offers consistent public transportation on set routes through the Shelton Shuttle. Shelton Shuttle is a Deviated Flex Route system operated by SCAT and buses can deviate ¾ of a mile from a scheduled stop. With the Blue, Red, and now White route, the Shelton Shuttle allows for our community to have consistent, reliable, and routine public transportation to get you whenever you need to go.

We are so fortunate to have SCAT and the Shelton Shuttle in our community and this access to public transportation has become an asset for so many. From getting to work, doctor's appointments, running errands, or seeing a friend, they will make sure you arrive safely! Thank you to the employees, board, advocates, and supporters of SCAT and the Shelton Shuttle. For all of the support SCAT and Shelton Shuttle receive, they turn around and give it right back to the organizations, people, and programs that support our community to make sure that Seneca County and the surrounding areas are the best they can be! Learn more at: SenecaSCAT.org

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