Chamber Spotlight | Davenport Bookkeeping

Chamber Spotlight | Davenport Bookkeeping
December 18, 2023

As we celebrate our 110th year in operation, we are incredibly grateful to have the support of Davenport Bookkeeping as one of our valued sponsors for 2024.

Davenport Bookkeeping strives to help small businesses grow and give back to the community while assisting them with all of their bookkeeping needs! Davenport Bookkeeping is proud to offer and help small businesses and individuals with the following: classify transactions, reconcile bank accounts, process payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, provide monthly reports showing financial status, set up Quickbook accounts, clean up existing books, and more.

Davenport Bookkeeping understands that everyone has different needs, so they operate on a take what you need model. What that means is that they are not an all or nothing service. Clients may only need help with one or two areas of work and not the rest. Clients are charged based on what is done for them, not priced on all that Davenport Bookkeeping can do. This helps keep costs for clients down and allows small businesses to get exactly what they need done.

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