Tiffin Fire/Rescue Division Celebrates 130th Anniversary in Operation

Tiffin Fire/Rescue Division Celebrates 130th Anniversary in Operation
February 02, 2024

Congratulations to Tiffin Fire Chief Rob Chappell and the Tiffin Fire/Rescue Division on celebrating their 130th anniversary in operation!

Tiffin's volunteer fire company originated in 1843, employing bucket brigades and horse-drawn wagons to combat fires. By the 1870s, it expanded to five fire and engine companies along with two hook and ladder companies across five wards, comprising 120-130 volunteers.

The volunteer force transitioned to an eight-member regular and fifteen-minutemen full-time force after the Great Tiffin Fire Conflagration in 1872. The blaze erupted due to a possible spark from a candle-making project or a discarded cigar, devastating 70 buildings and causing property damage exceeding $90,000 in 1870s value.

The first full-time paid fire department emerged in 1894, disbanding the volunteer unit. By 1917, Tiffin contracted the Tiffin Wagon works to create a $1850 motorized chemical hose truck, still locally owned.

Tiffin established its EMS in 1966, launching the first ambulance service in July 1975. By 1988, paramedic services commenced, and in 1997, the Fire Department and Ambulance Service merged to form the Tiffin Fire/Rescue Division. All personnel were trained as both firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).

Presently, the Tiffin Fire/Rescue Division consists of 34 firefighters, 2 chief officers, and an administrative assistant, responding to approximately 3,700 service calls annually. Continuous training ensures the delivery of top-notch fire response and EMS care to the community.

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