New Member: Marco's Pizza - Fostoria

New Member: Marco's Pizza - Fostoria
March 21, 2024

Welcome new member, Marco's Pizza - Fostoria!

Founded in Oregon, Ohio, just outside of Toledo, Marco's Pizza has been a Slice of the Community (TM) since 1978. They got here by doing things the right way, because when you love pizza this much, that's the only way to do things. Their dedication to quality has made them one of the fastest-growing pizza brands in America, providing plenty of delicious moments and opportunities along the way.

Naturally, their love of making great pizza started back in the Old World, where their founder, Pasquale “Pat” Giammarco, learned the importance of doing things the right way. Obsess over the details. Take pride in what you make. Appreciate the best things in life—like Ah!thentic® Italian pizza!

When he was nine years old, he moved with his family from Sulmona, Italy, to America, and he brought with him a dedication to never cutting corners. Pat founded Marco’s Pizza in 1978, and he’s been cutting delicious slices ever since.

What was one store in the Toledo area is now over 1,100 stores across 33 states with locations in Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. Today, they are the fastest-growing pizza company in America and #5 in system wide sales.

Marco's Pizza has locations in Fostoria (301 N Main St) and Tiffin (75 Melmore St). You can order online at or call 419-435-1500 for Fostoria or 419-448-4900 for Tiffin.

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