Bee Pro Homes, LLC

Bee Pro Homes, LLC is the premier real estate solutions company for northwest Ohio. They work with home buyers, sellers, and renters one-on-one to help provide solutions to what would otherwise be difficult real estate problems. Constantly looking to work with professional realtors, contractors, and investors, they do business with the goal of revitalizing communities and encouraging home ownership. Without exception, everything they do is subject to the highest standards, and promise you an efficient and stress free experience with every transaction.

Bee Pro Homes purchases any and all types of traditional or distressed properties, including empty lots, condos, townhomes, multi-family and single-family detached homes. They then partner with local professionals to complete any and all amounts of work required, ranging from cosmetic rehabs to complete new builds. The Bee Pro Homes team members are homeowners themselves, and in their houses they take the time to make sure you’ll love the property as much as they do. No matter how distressed the property is, they can purchase and rehab it.

They have a commitment to quality, transparency, integrity, and education, as they strive to help everyone and improve housing in all local neighborhoods. With the ability to directly purchase homes and make cash offers, Bee Pro Homes presents an invaluable opportunity to the community around us.

Bee Pro Homes is a family business who wants to work for your family.  The team is made up of JD, Dave, and Cheri Breidenbach who each bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion for the work they do.  Do you want to work with some of the most talented real estate investors in the business? Whether you are looking for your dream home, or a reliable company to work on a property with, Bee Pro Homes, LLC is here for you. 

Start your work with Bee Pro Homes by giving them a call at 419-642-1700 and learn more on their website at


Feature Friday: Bee Pro Homes

Feature Friday: Bee Pro Homes

Happy Feature Friday, where every Friday the Chamber team will highlight one of our fantastic members by repping them for the day and telling the community more about them.  This week's Feature Friday is: Bee Pro Homes! 

New Member: Bee Pro Homes

New Member: Bee Pro Homes

Welcome new member, Bee Pro Homes!


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