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Toni Cessna is the founder of Calm Compass Travel, where every adventure begins with Calm Confidence. Hailing from Seneca County, Toni's passion for travel has been ingrained since childhood. Post-graduation, Toni began orchestrating vacations for family and friends, eventually leading to the inception of Calm Compass Travel.


At Calm Compass Travel, the focus is on ensuring a stress-free travel experience for clients. Toni personally manages all the intricacies, allowing clients to unwind and savor their journeys, all at no cost. Toni's expertise spans various destinations, from the sun-kissed beaches of Sandals resorts to the enchantment of Disney and beyond. Certified by the College of Disney Knowledge, Princess Cruise Lines, Sandals Resorts, and more, Toni is equipped to handle adventures of any scale.


What distinguishes Calm Compass Travel is Toni's personalized approach. Whether through in-person meetings, virtual sessions via Zoom, or a simple phone call, Toni is readily available to cater to clients' needs. The clientele ranges from novices to seasoned travelers, and Toni is dedicated to facilitating both elaborate getaways and spontaneous escapes.


A fulfilling aspect of Toni's profession is witnessing clients unearth new delights in familiar locales. For those eager to embark on their next expedition with Calm Compass Travel, Toni encourages reaching out to begin crafting unforgettable memories together.


Calm Compass Travels Opens in Tiffin

Calm Compass Travels Opens in Tiffin

Congratulations to Toni Cessna on the opening of Calm Compass Travel at 24 West Market Street in Tiffin


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