Gemini Properties II LTD

Gemini Properties II LTD, owned by David Falter, specializes in all aspects of real estate. The purpose of the business is broad but refined. The areas they typically work in is Tiffin, Findlay and Fremont areas. Real estate is a massive industry with many variables, solutions, and outcomes to navigate which can only be overcome by knowledge, experience, and outside the box thinking.

Gemini Properties II LTD focus is on their customer. Every seller and every house in every area is unique. Gemini only benefits when you do. At times we are not the best solution for an individual and will refer them to an agent or broker.  Adversely though, Gemini has knowledge and expertise to solve your problems others do not.  Sometimes listing a property is not the best and only solution for your individual goals.  Some examples of life’s challenges are divorce, inheritance, out of town owners, tired landlords, job loss, relocations, tax issues, repair and upkeep costs, vacant property, moving, the need for additional income, health care costs, and more.

Another component of Gemini Properties is their investment side of the business, which also has a real estate-based component. They can work with you to use your 401k and/or IRA type accounts to buy real estate. Very few people know or even understand how to use these accounts.  If you are interested in potentially making high returns with low risk and or want to learn more, please feel free to reach out to Dave at Gemini Properties II LTD.                                                                                                          

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