Midwest Tournament Factory

Midwest Tournament Factory is the Exclusive Home to Nations/Five Tool Baseball Tournaments as well as non-sanctioned events.
Midwest Tournament Factory hosts the largest number of Nations Baseball Events in the State of Ohio.

  • Midwest Tournament Factory have a very high success rate of getting the majority of their games played. In 2019, they partnered with a local group that allows our outfit to move games indoors in case of inclement weather. This indoor option features full-size baseball and softball fields with both an infield/outfield look.
  • Kids First, Winning Second.
    • Midwest Tournament Factory Events encourage teams to follow the MLB’s Pitch Smart guidelines for both pitching limits and rest.  
  • The Best Value in Youth Tournaments.  For the facilities, real time score updates, the staff, the field crew, the amount of games, and the price, we believe Midwest Tournament Factory offers the best bang for your buck in the State of Ohio.
  • Play Competition At Your Team’s Talent Level. 


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New Member: Midwest Tournament Factory

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