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Ohio Janitorial Solutions is proud to offer cleaning and janitorial services design around and for you.  When you have janitors, custodians, or cleaners coming into your space, don't you want to know they are trained to do the job right?  At Ohio Janitorial Solutions - training their team members to be the best is what sets them apart. Their team is on the cutting edge of teamwork, leadership, efficiency and service. That's thanks to the years of developing teams and working hand-in-hand with their employees and clients to pair the right person for the right job.

Ohio Janitorial Solutions focuses on tailoring the right janitorial service for you. That starts with developing a cleaning crew that you know, like and trust. OJS is a family-owned & operated business, and they believe that if they treat their team members with the same respect, they in-turn appreciate and take pride in the work they perform at your place of business. Their team is ready and enthusiastic to work with you! 

Ohio Janitorial Solutions services small, medium and large businesses throughout the State of Ohio. Every client's needs are different, but your space should be clean regardless of the type of business. OJS is here to provide you the cleaning service you deserve. Ohio Janitorial Solutions currently provides janitorial cleaning & disinfecting services for the following areas: Seneca, Wyandot, Sandusky, Hancock, Wood & Surrounding Counties.  They can work in all types of workplaces including offices, medical, manufacturing/industrial, restaurants, entertainment venues, education buildings, and more!  OJS is about experienced providers, customized schedules, advanced products, and extra care hygiene. 

 To schedule your free walk-through and get started with a cleaner space, give Ohio Janitorial Solutions a call at 419-496-1051 or send them an email at info@ohiojs.com.  Learn more at: ohiojs.com


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New Member: Ohio Janitorial Solutions

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