Dana Braun Travel Design

Dana Braun is an award-winning travel advisor in Downtown Tiffin who specializes in all-inclusive Destination Weddings, Honeymoons and Group Vacations in Mexico & the Caribbean. 

Taking a very hands-on approach to travel planning, Dana Braun travels to destinations 4-6 times a year to become a specialist in the properties, countries and tours she sells.  “I feel it is my responsibility to have first-hand experience to ensure I can pair my clients with the vacations that fit their needs best - from budget, style, vibe and amenities.  No resort is one-size-fits-all; you need to know both your client and the destination to build a great itinerary.”

Anyone can book a vacation, but you hire a specialist who has the training and experience to ensure your investment is handled correctly.   When working with Dana Braun Travel Design, you will receive a custom-designed vacation or event based on information you provide during your complimentary consultation. She takes an individualized approach when creating your unique experience - one that begins when you leave your home and ends the moment you tuck yourself back into bed, removing the unnecessary stresses so all you need to do is daydream about your toes in the sand.   

 Dana’s agency offers multiple customizable packages ranging from general all-inclusive trips to more complicated group and event planning.  All packages include:

► Curation of resort options and in-destination experiences (excursions, VIP transfers)
► 10+ hours destination and accommodation research & planning
► Airline route and price forecasting
► One-person contact during planning & travel
► Assistance with travel disruptions
► Interest-free payment plans with low deposits
► Digital itinerary for your mobile devices via link or mobile app
► Destination tips and guidance
 Printed travel documents mailed to your home or business (100% recycled paper)
 Luggage tags (sustainable hemp) or face mask
 Options to off-set your travel carbon footprint
 Donation of 5 trees - Australian wildfire reforestation project (OneTreePlanted)

In her own words, "I’m a passionate traveler, a chilaquiles-obsessed foodie, Dominican coffee and tequila lover, wildlife seeker, romance-junkie, and luxury all-inclusive resort aficionado who is always on the hunt for authentic travel experiences and cultural encounters.  In other words… I am just the professional you’ve been searching for to make your next adventure a stunning experience.”

To set up your free consultation, visit her website at danabrauntravel.com or email hello@danabrauntravel.com



New Member:  Dana Braun Travel Design

New Member: Dana Braun Travel Design

New Member: Dana Braun Travel Design


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