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Pan Yan Bookstore is a pop-up bookstore serving Tiffin.  They sell new and used books in a variety of genres , including fiction, non-fiction, religious, and children's books.  Their inventory is constantly rotating and the best way to know where they will be set up next is to follow their social media accounts!  You can find them on Facebook, on Instagram at @panyanbooks, or check out their website at:  

Pan Yan Bookstore was started in 2021 by Judy Smith.  Judy is originally from Galesburg, MI, but proudly calls herself an official Tiffinite.  Judy moved to Tiffin in the fall of 2016 to attend Heidelberg University.  She spent most of her summers in Tiffin, working in the National Center for Water Quality Research (NCWQR) on Heidelberg's campus.  Judy graduated from Heidelberg in the spring of 2020 with her B.S. in Environmental Science and Mathematics and a minor in Computer Science.  Outside of running Pan Yan Bookstore, her full time job is working at NCWQR as a Model and Data Analyst. 

While Judy loves the sciences, she inherited an entrepreneurial spirit from her parents who have owned and operated The Shoe Smith in Portage, MI since 1988.  For years, Judy has thought about starting her own business, but always wrote it off as something to do later down the line.  While attending grad school, Judy realized that she wanted to take a different path and after a deep conversation with a close friend, she was ready and excited to take the leap of starting a business she was passionate about!  

Pan Yan Bookstore is named after Pan Yan Tavern, the first business established in, what was to become, Tiffin!  The name reflects Pan Yan Bookstore's Tiffin roots and the dedication Judy and Pan Yan Bookstore has to the community!  

Be sure to check out Pan Yan Bookstore and help make this awesome and much needed business a cornerstone for the Tiffin community! 


Pan Yan Bookstore Joins Therapy Thursday

Pan Yan Bookstore Joins Therapy Thursday

Relax with a Book and a Beer!

New Member: Pan Yan Bookstore

New Member: Pan Yan Bookstore

Welcome new member, Pan Yan Bookstore!


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